Catskill Mountains Waterfall Hike

  • Our Catskill Mountains Waterfall hike will bring you to the incredible top viewing platform. It's an easy 1/4 mile (.8km) round trip hike. From there, you have options of hiking down alongside this beauty to add as many miles and difficulty as you want! Seeing the falls from the bottom is breathtaking and well worth it!

About the Waterfalls

Perhaps the crowning jewel of the Northern Catskill Mountains is the highest cascading waterfall in New York State! This waterfall drops in two tiers and over 260 feet! As a result, these falls have been one of the region's most popular destinations for centuries. It's 90 feet higher than Niagara Falls! This gorgeous Catskill Mountains Waterfall Hike has captivated the hearts, pens and paintbrushes of poets, painters, filmmakers and photographers. So, it has become part of a larger, artistic folklore spreading from the Catskills to the rest of the world. 

*if choosing to go beyond the top viewing platform (1/4 mile in) and hiking to the bottom, the hike can take approximately 2 to 3 hours more round trip. Closed toe shoes/sneakers are required for this. 

Waterfall Hike Pictures 

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