Active Lifestyle Tours, LLC COVID-19 Travel Alerts Information

Your health, wellbeing and safety are of our greatest concern and top priority. COVID-19 is fast changing and the guidelines for the state and country are constantly changing. Please rest assured that we are constantly following all guidelines that are updated by the CDC and the states we operate trips in. We are doing all we can to adapt to new requirements and expectations. Here are some important new steps and procedures that we’ve implemented to enhance hygiene protocols as well as to comply with social distancing requirements and to provide you with a peace of mind when you are traveling with us:

1. All of our Trip leaders/tour guides have been trained in enhanced hygiene and physical distancing procedures. During your trip they will monitor the hygiene etiquette of our travelers, by making sure the high standards of hygiene and social distancing are maintained to the best of our ability.

2. As noted above protocols are consistently changing and we will keep you well informed and ask that you cooperate with our advice and direction from the local government.

3. Any vehicles that you will be riding in we will be certain that they have been sanitized before the start of your tip. We will only be working the transportation companies that are in accordance with guidance from the World Health Organization (WHO). All surfaces will be disinfected to ensure your safety.

4. We will ask that our travelers will follow hygiene practices of washing hands consistently, using hand sanitizer, wearing a mask when necessary and following social distance guidelines to the best of their ability.

We are in this together and must help to keep each other safe and healthy.


The Team at Active Lifestyle Tours