Lake Trail and Waterfall Hike

  • Our lake loop trail and waterfall hike will bring you incredible views. It's an easy 2 mile loop for the lake (approx. 1.5 hours long) and an additional 1 mile round trip hike for the waterfall (30 to 45 additional minutes). This is considered an easy to moderate level hike with flat to hilly terrain on wide carriage trails! The views are breathtaking and well worth it!
  • Both hikes combined will take approximately 2 to 3 hours depending on your pace. You can just do one of the hikes if you desire.
  • Other alternative waterfall hikes in the area are available as well (contact us for our other options)
  • Optional transportation to lunch after hike

About the Hike (Other hiking options available as well)

You'll love this hike with beautiful views of the lake as you walk around it. The small elevation change of 260 feet allows you to enjoy a leisure hike/walk on a wide trail. This lake loop trail is popular for a reason! After this hike, we'll drive back down to the bottom of the hill and lower parking lot to the hiking trailhead for the waterfall. This hike is a quick down and back wide trail that brings you to a gorgeous spot for some great views and photos of the waterfall. Always keep in mind that recent rainfall affects how much water is flowing. Furthermore, don't forget to consider this hike in the winter as well when it's frozen over for a very unique picturesque view! Remember that all of our tours are private. So, this hike would be just your party! 

Do you want us to book you a hotel or private vacation home while you're here doing some hiking? We would be happy to with one of our partnered properties! 

Hiking Pictures 

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